Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I can not thank you enough for your support and dedication during the seven months of my campaign to represent District 4 on the Prince George's County Board of Education.

Although the result is incredibly disappointing, the experience was both amazing and important.

I am incredibly proud of the campaign we ran. With limited resources we knocked on thousands of doors, made hundreds of phone calls, dropped thousands of pieces of literature, stuffed and mailed thousands of dear neighbor letters and staffed the polls--all like professionals!

I am most proud of two things. First, we raised the idea that every person in Prince George's County has a role to play in the success of our public schools. Over and over again, as I knocked on doors or attended civic association meetings, I heard one thing: I don't have kids in the public schools. And, over and over again, I responded: But do you care about education in Prince George's County?

Not one resident of Prince George's County told me that he or she did not care about the education of our children.

We need to harness that care and concern by creating more organizations like Cheverly Advocates for Public Schools, by encouraging our many active civic and homeowners' associations to adopt their local schools, and by inviting members of our community to be partners in the success of our schools.

The second thing I am incredibly proud of is the way we were able to engage new people in the political process. I don't have an actual number, but I'd venture to guess that two-thirds of my campaign donors and volunteers had never before been involved with a campaign. We showed regular citizens how much the result of a small, down-ticket race impacts their lives. And, we demonstrated how important it is to get involved.

To those of you for whom this was your first political campaign: don't be disillusioned. The process is important and we would never have gotten within 223 votes of victory without your support. There are "politicians" out there that deserve your support. Find another one. Donate again. Volunteer again. You can make a difference! (Just think: if we had another 25 volunteers who each convinced 10 additional voters to vote for me, the result may have been different!)

Friends, despite the fact that I won't have the opportunity to serve the residents of District 4 on the Board of Education, I believe there is great promise for Prince George's County in the next few years. County Executive-elect Rushern Baker has my unwavering support; several strong Board of Education members are returning to continue the important work of reform that the last board began four years ago; and, other districts are sending very strong members to the Board of Education, chiefly Peggy Higgins in District 2, Carolyn Boston in District 6 and Edward Burroughs in District 8.

I can't close this message without a huge public thank you to my wonderful husband, Abel. He supported me 110% throughout this entire process and truly I could not have even attempted this campaign without his strong support.

Thank you, again. This has truly been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

Your friend,